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SC has started as any band in Eastern Europe in those dark 1991. No music to listen, no venues to play in and that strong feeling that there should be a way to shout out a teenage riot. The first our lineup was: mic (bass), nkz (voice), sarra (drums) and marukas (guitar). After a few rehersals in a basement of a living block a guitar player left us and we eventually decided to try connecting a bass guitar over the overdrive. And we left it that way...

1992 we've recorded our first album "Postmarukizmas". It's main aim was to prove to ourselves that we can play without a guitar and it could have some traces of drive. It was recorded in our rehersal studio via a dictophone.

1995 we went on and made probably the most sincere record "Down with the great minds". It was a tape with A4 cover full of photos, lyrics, stickers and other neat cut and paste stuf. Music was accompanied with various computer made jingles, recordings from rehersals, etc. These times were probably the best in old lineup SC history - we were not only a band but the best friends too, making up a real anarcho community. BTW, we all were straight these times.

1996 we contacted Yann Boisleve from France SxE scene, who encouraged us to a new recording. We took part in international SxE compilation "We may fight the battle that can't be won" and released an album called "Dead ones are not friends of mine" in split tape with Invazija. This was 5 songs about fight, freedom and politics.

1998 Sarra, our drummer gave up trying to learn to play the drums. We still decided to stay togeather and bought a drum machine. Sarra was now acting as a secong voice, but the crack in a band was deeper and deeper.

1999-2000 as a final part of our old lineup we recorded our last record with Sarra - "People, hardcore, god and me". This piece was full of synthetic drums and lyrics have turned to examining "me vs society" aspect. After this record mic and nkz continued to play togeather, but the band already had gained this ugly label of loosers and drum machine was not helping us to feel any better.

In the end of 2000 we moved our rehearsals to Green Club and during one of rehearsals we met edvo, a drummer from legendary reaggae band LMP. Edvo was aching to play and we are aching for a change. A real drummer with experience was a sip of clear air we needed so much.

2001 we released our 4th album called "Saliam Aleikum". It's emotional, it's freaky, it's kinda hardcore and people finally seem to like it! ;) So the lineup became: mic (bass, voice), nkz (voice, clarinet), edvo (drums, voice)

2002 summer edvo said he would like to more concentrate on drums and give up back vocals he used to sing. We all reacted instantly - there was one girl - julia, we noticed her singing our lyrics in the shows and decided to give her a try. We were stunned by her voice and after the very first rehearsal it was clear - the new lineup is: nkz (voice), julia (voice), mic (bass), edvo (drums).

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- laura / voice
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- mic / bass, voice
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